We are parents in bilingual/trilingual families who, at the start of our journey, naively thought it was going to be simple. We began with the OPOL (One Person, One Language) method, but quickly realized the old saying is true, that it takes a village to raise a child.

It is only through the support of a multitude of people and organisations, including early childcare institutions, schools, language tutors, and of course the wonderful au pairs and nannies who have shared our lives, that we've been able to get as far as we have in developing our children's language potential.

During this process, we built great connections with nannies and au pairs in different countries, and gained an understanding also of what they needed and what it took for an experience to be a success on their books.

We soon realized there was demand out there from families who wanted a different kind of caregiver to complement their children's formal language training, a caregiver who would build a bond with the child, creating that natural need and opportunity that is key to developing a child's interest in a second or third language.

And so Amazing Pairs was born, offering premier solutions to families in Spain looking for native-speaking caregivers to support and further their children’s bilingual journey - a journey that goes beyond language, since it is also about experiencing a whole new culture.

We have gone (and still go) through the same thing you are going through, and know how important it is to bring the right person into your home to care for your children. We are here to listen to your needs and help you find caring, professional, enthusiastic and reliable caregivers to guide your child.

We specialize in connecting Spanish families with native English, French and German-speaking caregivers, both au pairs and live-out nannies, and aim to provide a common point where our families and caregivers can realize their aspirations.

Our goal is simple: happy child + happy parents + happy caregiver.


nanny reading a book to a baby

We know that raising bilingual or trilingual children is a challenge, and a journey that the entire family partakes of.

We believe that finding an extraordinary caregiver, whether au pair or live-out nanny, to guide your child on the journey to becoming bilingual is possible.

We aim to provide peace of mind for our families, by working with caregivers who are really special and bring, not just the language skills and prior experience working with children, but also the warmth and desire to work with children.

We understand that questions or issues can come up at any point during the relationship, so we offer full support through the selection phase, the onboarding phase, and for the duration of the stay or relationship.

We are here to help you, not just to find the right caregiver, but also to make the relationship a win-win.


We want to provide you with the absolute best nannies and au pairs. We look for experienced, professional, caring, enthusiastic and reliable nannies and au pairs, with thorough screening and glowing references, but we know this is not enough.

Our au pairs and caregivers also LOVE working with children, and most of them want to make working with children part of their career (teachers, social workers, nurses, etc.). They understand that working with children is rewarding, but also hard work, and are looking forward to the challenge.

Our Process Step by Step

children running into their house

Step 1: Fill in our Pre-Registration form for families, email us at info@amazingpairs.com or call us at +34 669 424 414, and let us know a bit about your family, what language(s) your children are learning and what you are looking for.

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Step 2: We will contact you to schedule a free consultation at your convenience (in person in Madrid, or via Skype). This consultation is an opportunity to:

  • Listen to you and understand what your family needs, including your language goals, schedules, lifestyle, personality, qualities you look for in a nanny, etc.
  • Understand what is on your must-list and wish-list
  • Discuss the current market and hiring process, typical duties, salaries, etc.
  • Provide sample interview questions that you may wish to use during the interviews
  • Perform an in-house consultation (if applicable, eg. in the case of au pairs or live-in caregivers).
  • … and generally, answer any questions you might have about the process

group of young adults giving the photographer a thumbs up

Step 3: Once you sign the Client Agreement, we will activate our global network and start the search. We will screen and interview all candidates for compatibility before you meet them, share candidate profiles with you for your review, and help you schedule interviews via Skype with your selected candidates.

children playinh in sunset

Step 4: When we find a perfect match for you, we will work with you during the negotiation phase until you formalize the relationship. Please note, the contractual relationship will be between you and the au pair or caregiver.

We do not charge anything until you find a match. Our placement fee for our Services is paid when the family approves the caregiver (flights booked in the case of au pairs, even if the contract has not been signed yet).

nanny playing on the grass with two children

Step 5: We are here to support throughout the relationship, including monthly follow-up calls and, in the case of live-in caregivers, 2 free 1-hour sessions the first month after arrival, to discuss the adaptation phase, tips for interacting with Spanish-speaking children and helping them acquire fluency in the target language, etc.

You can see our most requested packages here. We strive to make sure every client is satisfied, please see our FAQs for our additional Guarantee.