There are a couple things I've had pending for a long time, and this past week I've gotten around to both of them (please excuse me while I pat myself on the back).

The first thing was, printing out our yearly family album (yes, I'm talking about the 2017 album, ehem, and yes, I know it's already June 2018). The second, was finally putting together all the useful au pair resources that we've had lying around forever, and which I hope will be helpful for both families who are considering hosting an au pair, or young people who are considering au pairing in Spain.

I've noted down which ones are most relevant for host families (HF), au pairs (AP), or both (BOTH). That doesn't mean you can't look at the others, of course, I'm one of those people who thinks that too much knowledge is never a bad thing. 😊

Hope they're helpful! Let me know if I'm missing any, would love to keep adding to the list.


(BOTH) and, two platforms where families or au pairs who would like to manage the search themselves can find meet.

(HF) AEPA, the Spanish Au Pair Association, is always a good resource on the topic, and also interesting to follow them on social networks.

(HF) IAPA is the International Au Pair Association, interesting to follow their policy work.

(BOTH) Au Pair in Spain is an agency for people looking to come to Spain as au pairs, or families looking to host au pairs in their home, and it also happens to have a great website that is quite simply chockful of useful information, including requirements for becoming an au pair or host family, but also frequently asked questions, information about VISAS, etc.

(BOTH) We love these 10 tips to be a great au pair from Partnership International. Most of them apply to both au pairs and host families.

(AP) Advice from au pairs who have been there:

  • Angela Colonna is a Minnesota native who moved to Spain to be an au pair in 2016, and reflected on the experience in this article. I like the fact that Angela focuses on the bad, as well as the good, with lots of reminders about taking the time to adapt to the new situation.
  • Mandy shares her au pair experience in her great article, "What Nobody Tells You About Being an Au Pair".
  • Martha, who au paired in Spain and Sweden, shares her au pairing survival tips, years later, in this article.
  • Heidi is an au pair veteran, having au paired 3 different summers, and shares her experiences in her article "How to find an au pair job in Spain".
  • Louise Naudé's experience is about au pairing in Italy, but I think a lot of it applies for Spain as well. Spain certainly shares that national obsession with staying warm!
  • And because not all stories are great stories, in this article Katie Warren notes some important things to think about when selecting a host family (her experience was in France, but her key piece of advice, ask lots of questions, is applicable everywhere!)

(AP) Two young women, Hanna and Edwina, ex-au pairs, are offering raw, real advice for au pairs in Paris through Au Pair, Oh Paris (as well as some very funny anecdotes from their time as au pairs). Their focus is Paris, not Spain, but worth following them anyway!

(AP) If you'd like to become an au pair in Spain and are not from the EU, AuPairWorld has a great page with information about VISA requirements and timings. If you're from the US specifically, you might want to check out this information from the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación, on stays under and over 90 days.