Hard-core crafters, the ones who've got entire cupboards full of arts & crafts materials, often use the word "simple" and then proceed to enumerate the 89 things you need for a particular project, most of which we've never even heard of.

We prefer simple crafts that are actually simple, and that don't require going further than the corner store if we're missing any of the materials. On that note, if you're with your host or nanny kids this week (and if it keeps raining!), you may want to give some of these a try!

Please note: you will find A LOT of eggs, chicks and bunnies in the following links!

1. Paper roll chicks. The author suggests using them as little egg holders, but even if you don't need egg holders, these little chicks are too cute for words! Extra points to the author for including step by step instructions, with pictures, for the not so artistically inclined among us. Full details on One Little Project.


2. Easter Bunny Cups. Use them for a snack, or just for decoration. These are quick to make and could be easily made with a group of kids, too! Full details on Red Kite Days.


3. Easter word puzzle. We love word puzzles. This one's ideal from the time kids first become interested in words! You can download and print on The Word Search.


4. Printable Easter eggs. Printable Easter eggs that you can use to draw on, decorate, etc. Great for younger children, to work on colors and coordination. Full details on First Palette.


If you give any of them a try with your host kids or nanny kids, please let us know how they turn out! We always LOVE to see pictures of the resulting works of art!