Become an au pair, and get paid to travel!

We specialize in placing au pairs, nannies and tutors (live-in and live-out), who are native speakers of English, French or German, in contact with Spanish families who appreciate what these caregivers can bring to their family.

We are committed to bringing out the win-win for the family and the caregiver. If you're a top au pair or nanny candidate, who has a lot to offer to your host family and high expectations for his/her au pair experience, we want to meet you!

It's 100% free to apply, no hidden agency fees.


Our caregivers are different. We know that a true win-win is not easy, and have designed our process to match amazing caregivers and au pairs with great families.

Our caregivers

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All our nannies and au pairs:

  • Are native speakers of a target language (English, French or German)
  • Demonstrate proven experience caring for children, but also a high degree of interest in the childcare sector. Many are studying to be teachers, psychologists, nurses, or other professions associated with children, and plan to make working with children part of their future career
  • Are EU residents and/or have work permits for working in Europe, or are ready to get a VISA (we will support the candidate in this process, if applicable)
  • Have been interviewed personally by us (in person or via Skype), and their credentials have been cross-checked
  • Love working with children (have we said this one already? :-))
  • Aim to be a positive addition to the household

Our families

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We meet with all of our families, in person if possible, or by Skype if not, to get to know them and understand their needs, and to help them understand what they are looking for and where their priorities lie.

In the case of live-in caregivers, our families undergo a house consultation to ensure living conditions for the caregiver are appropriate, and to help them understand what it means to have an au pair or live-in nanny in the house.

Our families are looking for caregivers who will enrich their lives of their children, and are willing to pay a wage (pocket money, in the case of au pairs) higher than the local industry average for the right candidate.

Please note, we trust the answers and documentation caregivers and families provide. Our role is to connect the two, but families and caregivers need to do their own due diligence to ensure everything is as represented.


Are you a nanny or an au pair, and are you interested in applying? We are always on the lookout for great candidates, and it is always free for au pairs and caregivers to apply!

Step by Step for Caregivers

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Step 1 We want to learn more about you! Fill in the form below to tell us more about yourself. Let us know where you come from, share your childcare experience, philosophies, and training in order for us to best match you with a family. Discuss your needs and availability, preferred job scenario, etc.

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Step 2 We will review the application and, if you qualify, get in touch with you for the next phase, a personal interview. We will meet one-on-one, either in person or via Skype, at a convenient time that best suits your schedule. Interviews usually last 30 minutes, on average.

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Step 3 Combining the information from the application and the personal interview, we will create an Amazing Pairs CV to share with prospective families, which will be shared with you for approval. Once you have approved your Amazing Pairs CV and signed our Childcare Agreement Contract, we will begin contacting your references.

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Step 4 We will then look through our list of families to see which ones are a best fit, and propose interviews with them. These interviews are important, as they are always 2-way interviews, as much for you to see how you feel about the family, as they are about how the family feels about you. We can help you ask the right questions in these interviews.

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Step 5 Our relationship does not end once you find your family and sign a contract with them. We hope to stay in touch and see you once you are in Spain, and of course if you have any problems during your stay that we can help solve.


As a caregiver working with Amazing Pairs, you'll benefit from the following:

  • Peace of mind from knowing we meet all our families, either in person or via Skype
  • A home assessment to ensure appropriateness of the accommodation, in the case of live-in caregivers
  • A process designed to match you with a family who specifically meets your needs, maximizing the chances of a great fit
  • Support in finding a language school in your area
  • Networking opportunities with other caregivers in your same city
  • Regular checkpoints during your stay to see how you are doing and, should you ever need it, 24/7 support during your stay in Spain
  • Periodic free events to meet and network and learn about different things to enrich your au pair experience


Please fill out the Caregiver Application below, or contact us with any questions at We will be in touch shortly.