We know a lot of au pairs and nannies have gone home for the Christmas break, and are only just arriving back in Spain with their host and nanny families. Some may even be jetlagged, and the kids are probably also all over the place after such a long break! We've collected some great ideas of activities to help everyone get back into the swing of things, using the New Year as a theme to explore together.

  • 8 Fun Activities for the ESL Classroom, developed by Erica Edwards, from www.getupgetoutgetlost.com. Although these were originally designed for classrooms, we think a lot of them would work great in an informal 1:1 setting with your host kids or nanny kids. There are different options, also, depending on the age of your nanny kids or host kids.
  • Fun New Years Activities, by Around the Kampfire Activities include: ideas for learning about New Year traditions in different countries, creative ways of preparing New Year Resolutions together with the kids, and more.
  • Pencil Door Hanger Perhaps the kids need a special door hanger to signal when they are doing their homework?

Of course, you can also get the kids to help you take down Christmas decorations, as part of welcoming the new year! That's a 2019 Goal in and of itself for a lot of us.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous, and productive 2019!