Let me start by admitting we're not huge Valentine's Day fans. But, there is no getting away from it, as it's in schools, on social media... If you're an au pair or nanny, however, Valentine's Day can also be the perfect excuse for some cool arts & crafts!

So, we've come up with a list of our favorite, non-romantic Valentine's Day arts & crafts, for you to try with your host kids or nanny kids:

1. Toilet paper heart stamps. Designed with younger kids in mind, this one is too cute for words, and simple enough for even the least artistically inclined among us. Please see full details on Pretty Prudent.


2. Valentine's Day name puzzle. Because kids love their name! This one could get tricky if the kid has a really long name, but all you need is construction paper, markers, and scissors. Please see full details on How Wee Learn.


3. Self-portrait collage. Because love begins with self-love! Grab some old cardboard and paper bags, scissors, glue and a mirror, and try your hand at these recycled self-portraits! Please see full details on The Artful Parent.


If you give any of them a try with your host kids or nanny kids, please let us know how they turn out!